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When will GitHub change its pricing?

Today Bitbucket supports git . Not very surprising since git is amazingly awesome (well, with a few exceptions like this  but sh!t happens). I use git in almost everything that involves code, and there are a lot of areas where I do. The problem is I don't want my repo to be shared, but I really want them to be stored safely on the cloud (ehem). But GitHub doesn't support private repo until we pay for it. And with their cheapest plan, GitHub only allows 5 private repos and 1 collaborator. That sucks! Yeah, I paid for GitHub but mostly because I need to share my repo with my friend. I hope GitHub will adapt itself soon and start supporting private repos for free of charge. That would be great... Btw, you should check out one of my repo in GitHub. It's quite interesting ;) GitHub or read it here .

Stupid BOOL return value between Win 32 (unmanaged) DLL and .NET managed application

If you are developing a C# application and you have to call a function inside a Win 32 DLL which returns a BOOL value. You will encounter an unusual problem. Like when your application works in Debug mode but dies hard in Release mode. For example you have something like this in C++ (the unmanaged DLL) extern   "C"   __cdecl   bool   DoWork ( ); Very normal stuff, eh? And you think you can do this in C#         [ DllImport (              DllConstants . DLL_FILE_ NAME ,              EntryPoint  =  DllConstants . ENTRY_ POINT_DO_WORK ,              CallingConvention  =  CallingConvention . Cdecl         )]          private   static   extern   bool   DoWorkCpp ( ); Noooo, DO NOT DO IT! You know why? Because in C++, bool value is stored in 1 byte but in C# (and in ANSI C), bool is 4 bytes. You have to marshal manually using  [ return :  MarshalAs ( UnmanagedType . I1 )] , and it will work. Hope this helps many out there. Peace out!

YAFB has been updated to use Facebook OAuth 2.0

Facebook requires every site to switch to OAuth 2.0 and no later than October. I have updated my most appreciated masterpiece. Current version is 5.0.4b, download is available here . The add-on is rewritten completely (hell, the old structure is a mess, hahah). Actually I don't plan to update this anymore but the guy from Zynga contacted me a week ago and asked if I can help him move the Zynga forums to OAuth 2.0. He contacted me a few times before and I offered to lend him a helping hand and it was a pleasure assist him and Zynga's community. I always try my best and on this occasion the outcome was great. You can now head over to and click the Connect to Facebook link, I hope it works for everyone out there.

Sony Ericsson supports FreeXperia team!

In a recent blog post, Sony Ericsson expressed their cooperation with FreeXperia team to help them build a version of CynogenMod for Xperia phones. This is so awesome on so many scales I have never come across any other manufactures support outsiders to build custom firmware for their products. Yes, some (HTC, Sony Ericsson) did provide bootloader unlocking or just like Motorola, they don't lock it at all but sent 20-ish devices for testing? This is so cool! I happen to have an Xperia PLAY. Nice phone. Unlocked and used CM for 2+ months. Not everything works but it's usable as a daily phone. Now I guess they will all work in the next version of CM. Yay!

Google Scribe Testing

Today Blogger in Draft released Google Scribe so I tried it... Only the first word is written by me... Today I am going to be a part of the products name and address of the person who is not a valid stream resource in D minor for two violins and a cello player and a great deal of time and money to the poor and the rich and famous and the most important thing is to get the best of the best in the world of the living room and dining room with a view to the sea and the mountains of the world and the world of the living room and dining room with blah blah It looks like we ran into some kind of recursion right there. LOL. I will try again. It is a very good job of it than I Ooops, the suggestion stopped this time after just a few words above. The technology and idea are interesting and impressive but I have not idea how this can graduate from Labs. Will keep an eye on this.

Introducing Unicoder

This is a PHP library which is quite good in dealing with Vietnamese unicode string / text. Feel free to fork it and use it. I'm unaware of any licensing details and formalities. So, you use this at your own risk. Know yourself out and thanks.

Windows 8, quick preview

I spent 4 hours downloading this from Microsoft and it didn't disappoint. It works great with Parallels 6 (selected Windows 7 upon creation). The first thing that I noticed is: it allow me to select Hanoi as the city. Normally, the states or cities are only available for western countries like the US/UK. This is very comforting to see (even though it only has 3 cities of Vietnam: Hanoi, HCMC and one-another-which-I-forgot). Oh yeah, let's hope more follows.