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Happy Life it is.

TL;DR #1: Sylvie and I are getting married on July 20th. TL;DR #2: Graphic designing is freaking hard. We intended to design a save the date card to announce it to our friends. We searched for ideas with Google Images + Pinterest and ended up with this particular poster design . At first, Sylvie was supposed to design it but she got so busy that she missed the deadline of March 31st. I took over and came up with the very first draft using Adobe Photoshop CC. The three photos used as the background had the best scores in our vote contest: at first we looked through photos in Picasa (the desktop application) and put everything we liked in an album. Second step, we removed unsuitable ones until five were left. Last step, Sylvie and I gave scores for the last five between 1 and 5, the final score is the sum of her score and mine. The draft pretty much followed the original idea but the background were not very nice so Sylvie used some online tool to add effects to it. The lef