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What the Hell Is Going on in Vietnam?

I have just read this: What the Hell Is Going on in Indonesia via TechCrunch. The author (Sarah Lacy, one of my favourite) took her chance in Indonesia to find out why there is such a great growth in Internet usage in that South East Asia country. It was a good read. There are some interesting parts like I grilled them on some basic questions to bring you a Web-in-Indonesia primer. But before we get to those, here’s what impressed me the most about this small-but-tightly-knit community: It’s incredibly collegial. Plenty of research has shown that the biggest reason Silicon Valley beat Boston as a venture capital and startup hot spot was because culturally it was open, trading employees, funding, mentorship and ideas among competitors. It’s not uncommon to see Web competitors in the Valley having dinner together and generally discussing business challenges, before they go back to the office for some late night coding to bury one another in the market . I laughed so hard reading thi

UML Diagram - Here we go

Finally, we made it! The UML assignment now has 3 versions Standalone version which is packed as a .jar file and can run without any problem in Windows and Linux (of course, JVM is required). You can get in here (Google Code link). The features are Build UML class diagram From scratch: using menu, pop-up menu, drag and drop with a bunch of forms From existing source code: load your Java source file(s) and modify the diagram using the same techniques as above Export Java source file(s) from the diagram. All methods are empty (of course) Save as Image The whole diagram Or this a part of it Easy navigation: most of the cases, the diagram will be big and it will be hard to have a good view but you can... Zoom in and zoom out Moving around  Rearrange structures to make them more well-organized (if you mess them up, feel free to re-draw from the menu) Quickly find a structure in the diagram  A more focus view in a structure by display related structures only (from the

UGV Presentation

We did it. A wonderful presentation about UGV Full version download: (including PowerPoint presentation - packed, English speech, Vietnamese speech)

UML Diagram - Almost got it

If you haven't read it , we had an assignment 2 months ago about making a Java application which focuses on UML diagram ( class diagram specifically). There are 2 assignments actually and each team will select one: You have a bunch of .java source code files and you have to display the UML diagram of it The second assignment is opposite of the first one: let built the UML diagram and then generate source code files from it (empty methods of course!!!!) We made the first attempt really early but we was so busy that we haven't made any further progress until now and hell yeah, we got some really interesting stuffs to show off today. Some functionalities is not available when you run it as an applet so you may want to download the jar version . It should run well in both Windows or Linux if you have the JRE