Tuesday, October 4, 2011

When will GitHub change its pricing?

Today Bitbucket supports git.

Not very surprising since git is amazingly awesome (well, with a few exceptions like this but sh!t happens). I use git in almost everything that involves code, and there are a lot of areas where I do. The problem is I don't want my repo to be shared, but I really want them to be stored safely on the cloud (ehem). But GitHub doesn't support private repo until we pay for it. And with their cheapest plan, GitHub only allows 5 private repos and 1 collaborator. That sucks! Yeah, I paid for GitHub but mostly because I need to share my repo with my friend. I hope GitHub will adapt itself soon and start supporting private repos for free of charge. That would be great...

Btw, you should check out one of my repo in GitHub. It's quite interesting ;) GitHub or read it here.


  1. I think there're more protocol to share with Git ( Github only use git ), you can use ssh :-b

  2. You should checkout:

    - unfuddle.com (free private git/svn repo, 2 people)
    - codebasehq.com (great cheap plans)
    - bitbucket.com (now support git repo as well, free)

  3. I have used Bitbucket.org (.com domain is not the same I believe). Tried Hg too. But to be honest, being on the largest network (GitHub) is a big plus. Making everything easier to achieve...