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Replacing GCP with Railway for faster cold start

TL;DR I switched a Dart API from Cloud Run to Railway for a 300% faster cold start, simplified DevOps, and a straightforward fee structure. Problem I'm working on this project . It is a package that's super handy for Flutter developers who want to seamlessly render HTML in their apps. Now, when it comes to HTML, it can get pretty dynamic, right? That's why having a playground to showcase features, troubleshoot issues, and tackle bugs is crucial. The Google team has this fantastic tool called , which is just perfect for this kind of thing. However, there's a little catch - third-party packages like mine usually can't be used there (unless you have thousands of likes, as explained on  Medium ). So I decided to take matters into my own hands, forked it, then deployed with additional package support. Initial idea since 2019 First deployment  in 2021 Cl