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Setting up a new laptop

This is mostly a self note for the next time I'm doing a fresh install of my laptop. Which I do about once a year to catch up with the latest macOS version. I feel like a new install has better performance then an in place upgrade. System Preferences The first thing that I do on any laptop is to make sure tap to click is enabled 🤣 Also related to the trackpad, three finger drag is also needed... macOS has tons of Apple icons in the default Dock. I get rid of most of them and also make it a bit smaller, align left, disable magnification / minimizing / animation. Some what related to the animations, I often reduce motion / increase contrast these days. It feels easier on the eyes. While I'm still in there, I also disable autocorrect and most of Spotlight indeces. Applications App Store I usually pre-download the installation packages before installing to save time but there are a few apps that need to be downloaded from the store. Xcode is the most important one, and it is huge.