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Sony Ericsson supports FreeXperia team!

In a recent blog post, Sony Ericsson expressed their cooperation with FreeXperia team to help them build a version of CynogenMod for Xperia phones. This is so awesome on so many scales I have never come across any other manufactures support outsiders to build custom firmware for their products. Yes, some (HTC, Sony Ericsson) did provide bootloader unlocking or just like Motorola, they don't lock it at all but sent 20-ish devices for testing? This is so cool! I happen to have an Xperia PLAY. Nice phone. Unlocked and used CM for 2+ months. Not everything works but it's usable as a daily phone. Now I guess they will all work in the next version of CM. Yay!

Google Scribe Testing

Today Blogger in Draft released Google Scribe so I tried it... Only the first word is written by me... Today I am going to be a part of the products name and address of the person who is not a valid stream resource in D minor for two violins and a cello player and a great deal of time and money to the poor and the rich and famous and the most important thing is to get the best of the best in the world of the living room and dining room with a view to the sea and the mountains of the world and the world of the living room and dining room with blah blah It looks like we ran into some kind of recursion right there. LOL. I will try again. It is a very good job of it than I Ooops, the suggestion stopped this time after just a few words above. The technology and idea are interesting and impressive but I have not idea how this can graduate from Labs. Will keep an eye on this.

Introducing Unicoder

This is a PHP library which is quite good in dealing with Vietnamese unicode string / text. Feel free to fork it and use it. I'm unaware of any licensing details and formalities. So, you use this at your own risk. Know yourself out and thanks.

Windows 8, quick preview

I spent 4 hours downloading this from Microsoft and it didn't disappoint. It works great with Parallels 6 (selected Windows 7 upon creation). The first thing that I noticed is: it allow me to select Hanoi as the city. Normally, the states or cities are only available for western countries like the US/UK. This is very comforting to see (even though it only has 3 cities of Vietnam: Hanoi, HCMC and one-another-which-I-forgot). Oh yeah, let's hope more follows.