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Reverse engineering Pubvn apps for fun and... larger-screen-fun

It's Friday night and the wife TM wanted to watch Games of Thrones on the TV (via Chromecast). Should be easy right? We have lots of apps installed for exactly this purpose: Netflix, HBO Now, Flix , etc. None of them worked though... Netflix just doesn't have HBO contents like GoT. HBO Now works but it requires a US proxy to watch and there is no way to tell the Chromecast to go through a proxy. Flix, a promising local app, good with TV streaming but not series. So we had to settle to use HBO Now and Google Chrome's cast tab feature to have it on the big screen. A complicated setup, and slow. The casting was broken a few times during the episode, probably because of wifi interferences. This problem needs some engineering! Proxy Those Apps First order of business would be proxy their apps to catch all network requests. I used Charles  with their iOS app. At first I thought it would be tricky if they use https or certificate pinning but it turned out everything