Friday, September 30, 2011

Sony Ericsson supports FreeXperia team!

In a recent blog post, Sony Ericsson expressed their cooperation with FreeXperia team to help them build a version of CynogenMod for Xperia phones. This is so awesome on so many scales

  1. I have never come across any other manufactures support outsiders to build custom firmware for their products. Yes, some (HTC, Sony Ericsson) did provide bootloader unlocking or just like Motorola, they don't lock it at all but sent 20-ish devices for testing? This is so cool!
  2. I happen to have an Xperia PLAY. Nice phone. Unlocked and used CM for 2+ months. Not everything works but it's usable as a daily phone. Now I guess they will all work in the next version of CM. Yay!

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