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Showing posts from May, 2013

Google Music All Access

Finally! Will see if my subscription can be renewed after the trial period. So far so good. The streaming is fast and in good quality (at least it's good enough for my ears). The app is easy to use, especially the radio thingy. Recommendations are great, suit me well.

Launching XFROCKS

So after a loooong time, I finally launch XFROCKS (again) with the help of Sylvie . The site is actually an experiment which provides premium support (premium = fast, accurate, personal) for freely released add-ons of mine. Only widely used add-ons got their own forum for questions: [bd] API : a new but strategic add-on with lots of room for improvement. [bd] Banking : another important add-on which has under heavy development for a long time without any public release. Probably soon! [bd] Forum Watch [bd] Medal System [bd] Paygates : the cool kid in the group. There is an offer to develop future paygate support with a bootstrap fee of $100 ! [bd] Tag Me : one of the first add-ons of mine and still growing strong! [bd] Widget Framework : another useful and complicated add-on (which means lots and lots of questions). To assist with the cost of running the site, 3 other add-ons are also available for sale: Trophy Extension  ($29) for [bd] Medal System: allow people to att