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Facebook: Photo's caption profile-tagging hack

For "hacking" definition, please read this . You may know the profile-tagging feature when you post from the publisher in Facebook. There is one thing that is inconvenient: if you tagged some profiles in a Wall Photo and then you want to edit the caption, all the tagged profiles will be untagged and come back to normal text. Fortunately, you can now manually tag profiles in photo caption by using the syntax @[Facebook UserID:Facebook Name] Very simple, if you want to tag profile called "A Friend Of Mine" and his/her UserID is 123456, just go edit your photo caption and type in @[123456:A Friend Of Mine], save the caption and you are done! The tagged profile will receive notification as usual. I'm not sure if there is any limitation so... try it and tell me if you run into one. Happy Facebooking!

Viettel vs. Facebook: fifteen love

For those who don't understand the title: "fifteen love" means "15-0" in tennis score. When a player scores 1 ball, he/she will get fifteen points (second ball = another fifteen but from third ball, each ball equals to ten). Simply speaking, Viettel has just won 1 ball against Facebook . I'm wondering if they (Viettel people) will win this game or not... They definitely can! Anyway, Viettel has blocked all Facebook servers. All requests will fail. A simple SYN will fail. All means everything! And obviously, Viettel Internet users won't be able to access Facebook in a direct manner. This sucks! REALLY SUCKS! I did ping some Facebook servers and they all went timed out. *sigh* [] [] [] [] [] [] The whole situation is being controlled by a fifteen kid who loves to piss everybody off, I gue