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PDBS 2015

*PDBS stands for Personal Data Backup Strategy. I have always been paranoid regarding data loss. That's why I try to follow best practices in backing up data: 2 offline full machine backups to external HDDs, one in Hanoi, one in HCMC. I have done this since a few years ago when I was using the ThinkPad T41 laptop (circa 2007). The size of this backup grows linear with time and it is about 300GB these days (with TimeMachine). 1 online backup via Arq to Amazon Glacier for important archival data (how did I flirt with my wife, that kind of serious stuff). Before I started using Arq (early 2013), I made yearly dump of data to DVDs. This backup grows slowly until I met Sylvie and it started to explode, going around 150+ GB now. Mostly full size photos. 1 online backup for work related files are put in Dropbox because their apps (Windows and Mac) work really well. I believe they are the only one who uses delta sync, which is super fast. Since work data changes regularly, it make