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YAFB nominated

The title says it all. Well, this is the second time it is nominated (the first time ended up with third position). So sad that I'm not able to update the product at this period of time but maybe at the middle of the month. Wow, I have to do something this time to make it a winner! Yay! Check out the YAFB - Yay! Another Facebook Bridge primary thread on  or if you are kind enough, vote for YAFB in the MOTM Poll

Local Search Engine

Today I ran into a problem: I need Windows XP driver for the Colorvis Z1 webcam . As usual, I have my belief on Google and because I'm using Google Chrome , I typed into Chrome's Omnibox : "windows xp driver colorvis z1", I clicked a few links but nothing works! Most of the links are from search engines or software portal sites. They did their job pretty well and I believe mis-clicks from people like me generate quite much revenue for them despite the fact that their site is useless! I was going to give up but then I got an idea. I went directly to Google Vietnam and typed this query: "driver colorvis". Actually, a few suggestions came up and I selected "driver colorvis 6 mat" (in English: "driver colorvis 6 eyes") and I got this site in the second position. I downloaded the driver and it works! So, in conclusion: After ~100MB downloaded driver from international sources, my webcam is still useless but after the first try with 25MB