Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Keyboard Shortcut for vBulletin

It started from a night (like tonight) when I'm reading a lengthy thread some where and then when I wanted to go to the next page, I pressed K just like in Gmail when I want to go to next conversation. But unfortunately, it didn't go to the next page. Well, I thought for a moment then decided to do this: Keyboard Shortcut for vBulletin (both version 3 and version 4). I hope someday I can use keyboard shortcuts with my favourite sites, in my favourite threads. Uh oh. Some screenshots:

Firefox. vBulletin 4. Forum display page

Google Chrome. vBulletin 4. Album page

Safari. vBulletin 4. Picture page

And of course, Internet Explorer. vBulletin 3. Forum display page (again)

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