Saturday, April 10, 2010

Survival Simulator Game (a closer look)

As mentioned earlier (in this post), I have built several modules for a Survival Simulator Game. You can see it in action in the old post. And now, I have finished documenting the source files (my modules only) and you can get source file and document from MediaFire or BlueHost. You can also view document online here: Using the TextUserInterface is very simple (code copied from, provided by the instructor):

Using my GraphicalUserInterface is pretty the same way:

There are 2 notes:
  1. I modified the Game class ( to make it run infinitely
  2. If you double click the gui.jar file, you won't be able to view debug messages. If you want to view them, you have to invoke from console using something like this:
    java -jar gui.jar

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