Thursday, April 1, 2010

Reason why it is great to be a geek!

You must have read many articles saying how bad a geek is in a relationship: He loves the computers more than everything. Nothing else matters once he gets stuck with a few (hundred?) lines of code. It's very high chance that he shows up in front of your home just in time for a dinner with your parent (with untidy clothes and messy hairstyle). And so on... Well, it sounds really scary, isn't it?

And then you can read other articles also, saying how great a geek in a relationship, specifically in bed (oops). I don't have references for the first type of articles but with this one, I have plenty of them, go check it yourself:

  1. Why geeks make the best lovers
  2. 7 reasons to date a geek
  3. 10 reasons you should marry a geek (wow!)
  4. and so on...
Hell yeah, everything has advantages and disadvantages. If you want to take something, you have to accept both the positive and the negative things. The problem is you have to decide if it's worth to take the risk. Right?

To me, it's so great to be a geek (or at least, I claim myself one). Why? Because Sylvie Truong has just posted a blog entry in her My Opera blog. It showed her interest in geeks, pretty much! That's more than enough for me. A really good reason, isn't it? 

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