Thursday, April 22, 2010

OAuth with Google, Twitter and... Facebook!

This is sick!

Just a few days ago, I ran into OAuth as I want to get my GMail feed based on Google Data API. I succeeded. With a little help of an OAuth open source (here, available in several programming languages).

Then I remember that I once heard that Twitter also uses OAuth as an authentication option so I turned into Twitter and had a good read. Finally, I found out that they are basically the same (hehe, it's obvious since OAuth 1.0 is a worldwide standard). I had an idea of writing a universal class which can handle both Google and Twitter OAuth functionalities. It's not too hard. I took most of the idea from the PHP example (here, PHP only). I also made a small script which accepts URI to send and intercept response from Google & Twitter servers.

At that moment, I was so excited with all the ideas but actually it has no real world benefit so I just left it there... Until today, in the F8 (says "fate") conference of Facebook, I was stunned finding out that Facebook implements OAuth too! That's so awesome! Oh, actually, Facebook implements a newer version of OAuth (2.0, which hasn't been well documented yet) but no problem. I managed to rewrite the universal script to handle all Google, Twitter and Facebook now. If you want to check it out, follow these links:

  1. For Google:
  2. For Twitter:
  3. For Facebook:
The 3 scripts must be seperate because each one use different configuration (the ID, the secret string, etc) but they shares the same class and each scripts has the same structure like this (from facebook.php)

I'm still looking for the best way to implement something useful. Let's see