Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Cloud

It's such a good feeling to get a new phone and within minutes you have it running exactly as you like, thanks to the Cloud. The Cloud has its up and down ("Nobody understands the Cloud. It's a fucking mystery!"), yes but what else doesn't? Even people have their freaking mood swings.

All major players are improving their offering to tie users to their Clouds because that strategy pulls in customers for them and also helps with competing in the market. And it works. The Cloud comes in many shapes and forms but in general, user experience is way better. Everyone can do whatever they want fast, securely and conveniently (given that they have a decent internet connection of course). I really think the Cloud will be the future. Everything we are going to do will be on the Cloud. The pieces of hardware we have in the house, at our workplaces or in our pockets are just terminals. They could be broken, water damaged or stolen, who cares! Insurance would just replace it with the latest shiniest gear and you are good to go.

It's funny to think how we are going back to something similar to the old days server vs. dumb terminal. At least the terminals are smart now, that's some progress.

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