Tuesday, March 11, 2014

XenForo WordPress bridge (again)

A long long time ago, I started working on WordPress 3 Bridge for XenForo. I think it was one of the first work that I have done, the idea back then was pretty simple: find XenForo directory, load the session then find the connected WordPress user... It worked for awhile but because loading XenForo bootstrap code is slow and the two system architectures are different from each other (XenForo is MVC while WordPress is still procedure), there was a lot of bugs. It took hours to make it work nicely with other WordPress plugins. When XenForo moved to Resource Manager for add-ons, the plugin thread is locked at 37 pages. I haven't work on it since then. In the meantime, a few other solutions popped up but for some reason they died relatively quick...

Enter [bd] API, it exposes XenForo data in a systematic way and uses OAuth 2 to authenticate users. Quite powerful. I have developed a bridge solution to connect two XenForo installation and it worked well so this time I went to develop a new WordPress bridge. The result is WordPress Plugin: XenForo API Consumer with complete two way user, post and comment sync! So far, it works with other WordPress plugin without issues.

At first it only uses XenForo as the Master system but after hearing people suggestions, I expanded its scope and now it can use WordPress as Master for some tasks. I see the future is bright with this one...

The option page is freaking long though!

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