Sunday, May 5, 2013

Launching XFROCKS

So after a loooong time, I finally launch XFROCKS (again) with the help of Sylvie. The site is actually an experiment which provides premium support (premium = fast, accurate, personal) for freely released add-ons of mine. Only widely used add-ons got their own forum for questions:

To assist with the cost of running the site, 3 other add-ons are also available for sale:

  • Trophy Extension ($29) for [bd] Medal System: allow people to attach medals to trophies and have them show up in the posts etc.
  • User Group Extension ($29) for [bd] Medal System: similar to the above but with user group. When users purchase user group upgrade or have user group set by administrators, they will have additional medal image show up.
  • Last but not least, [bd] Attachment Store (only $19!): a completely new add-on allows sites to utilize Amazon S3/FTP as attachment storages. I have written 2 additional HOWTO post about using the add-on with Amazon S3+CloudFlare and Amazon S3+CloudFront.
The welcome post is pretty short but to the point: let's see how this goes!

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