Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Piracy Free!

MEGA beta has just been launched. The home page reads:

For a split second, I read it as "THE PIRACY COMPANY". Well, that must have to do with my impression with Mr. Kim's other service, MegaUpload... I remember the old days (not too old though) when I would download some package from MegaUpload or RapidShare and install software for free... Being able to do that and joining sites like UpdateSofts (mentioned here) or SoftVnn are huge... No matter how expensive a program is, we will just spend a few minutes (or hours, more likely) to download it, extract, install and apply "magic" to make it work!

Growing up, studying to be a software developer, I learn more about piracy and at some point a few years ago I have decided to avoid piracy as much as possible. The process probably started with me buying my first laptop (DELL 1510) by myself: it cost about 15m and came with Windows XP OEM preinstalled. For the first time, I was being able to upgrade Windows without worrying about Windows Genuine check. Good time!

And today, in the light of MEGA's launch, I checked all the app installed and happy to announce that my computer is Piracy Free! That includes virtual machines running in perfectly legal Parallels 7. I have a licensed Windows 8 Pro VM running with Microsoft Office 2010 (licensed, of course). On mobile devices, I have both Google Play Store account and Apple iTunes account to purchase contents and apps. I bought so many games for iPad and Galaxy Nexus that sometimes I regretted. Talking about games, I also have a Steam account full of games after all those irresistible sales and Humble Bundles. Oh dear, those bundles...

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