Sunday, May 9, 2010

UML Diagram - Almost got it

If you haven't read it, we had an assignment 2 months ago about making a Java application which focuses on UML diagram (class diagram specifically). There are 2 assignments actually and each team will select one:

  1. You have a bunch of .java source code files and you have to display the UML diagram of it
  2. The second assignment is opposite of the first one: let built the UML diagram and then generate source code files from it (empty methods of course!!!!)
We made the first attempt really early but we was so busy that we haven't made any further progress until now and hell yeah, we got some really interesting stuffs to show off today.

Some functionalities is not available when you run it as an applet so you may want to download the jar version. It should run well in both Windows or Linux if you have the JRE

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